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What types of mining machines does BTC Factory offer?
Personal and commercial licenses are legal agreements that dictate how a product, service, or intellectual property can be used by individuals or entities. The main difference between these two types of licenses lies in the intended use and the associated rights and restrictions.
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How does BTC Factory ensure the best prices in the market?
BTC Factory specializes in a wide range of high-quality Bitcoin mining machines. We offer various models to suit different mining needs, focusing on high efficiency and profitability. Our inventory includes the latest ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miners known for their superior performance in mining Bitcoin.
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Can BTC Factory assist with hosting mining machines?
Yes, BTC Factory provides comprehensive hosting services for your mining equipment. Our hosting facilities are equipped with advanced cooling and security systems, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your machines. We offer various hosting plans with favorable power rates, tailored to meet different mining requirements.
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What kind of customer support and warranties does BTC Factory offer?
BTC Factory prides itself on exceptional customer service. We provide ongoing support throughout the purchasing, setup, and operation processes. Additionally, all our mining machines come with a manufacturer's warranty, ensuring peace of mind and protection for your investment. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist with any queries or issues you may encounter.

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Equip yourself for a luminous future with BTC Factory. Immerse in the decentralized world of BTC Factory– a fusion of innovation and security, opening a horizon of boundless opportunities in crypto mining.
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